All Volunteers who will be on the campus MUST become a Hays VIP approved volunteer.


Hays VIP Registration




Volunteer Opportunities for Students & Parents


Thank you for volunteering!  We truly could not be successful without everyone chipping in and helping.  To ensure we are keeping everyone safe and abiding by the Hays CISD District COVID guidelines, all volunteers MUST follow the below guidelines.


  • You MUST be signed up on one of the sign ups below.
  • If volunteer shift is during school hours, you MUST check-in in the front office.  The front office will validate that you are signed up to volunteer.
  • If volunteer shift is after school hours and at Johnson High School, then you will check in with the ticket worker.  The ticket worker will have a list of all volunteers for that event.  The volunteer will need to sign-in so that they will be allowed to enter the event without a ticket. 
  • If volunteer shift is at Shelton Stadium, you MUST purchase a ticket in order to perform your volunteer duties.
  • All volunteers MUST wear a mask while working their shift and MUST practice social distancing.
  • All volunteers MUST fill out the "Volunteer COVID-19 Protocol" below prior to each shift you volunteer form.
  • All volunteers MUST be signed up so that we can ensure we are not exceeding our social distancing guidelines.
  • Only student athletes & parents may sign up to work a shift, NO younger siblings are allowed in the concession stands.




Please visit our sign up for our concession stands.  Each sport is assigned date & times of when you are responsible for covering the concession stand.  Don't forget all proceeds from the concession stands go back into the athletic department for items needs for our student athletes.


Concessions Sign-Ups




Other Boosters/Clubs Sign-Up Opportunities



Jag Athletic Booster Sign-Up Opportunities



Sport Coordinators




  Cross Country 


Michelle Lunsford

Sara Grizzle








 Cassell Durst

Kim Ware


 Facebook page: 2020 Johnson Jaguars Football







Shari Threatt



Girls: Michael Lakos,
Boys: Dawn Pucci,





 Michelle Lane





Jen Mueller






Leann Behl 

Jennifer Tietz







 Girls Basketball


Aundrea Ybarra 

Shaya Snyder



Boys Basketball


Libby Gimbel

Brandy Dane

Lindsey Bess


please contact via Facebook messenger

Johnson Jags Boys Basketball






Cassell Durst





Michelle Lunsford

Sara Grizzle






Sylvia Espinoza





Mindy Bailey