JAG Athletics

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Athletic Coordinator: Stephen Hoffman, Stephen.Hoffman@hayscisd.net

Assistant Athletic Coordinator, Boys: Joey Rivera, Joey.Rivera@hayscisd.net

Assistant Athletic Coordinator, Girls: Ashley Laughlin, Ashley.Laughlin@hayscisd.net

Athletic Trainer: Phillip Jones, Phillip.Jones@hayscisd.net

Athletic Trainer: Amber Jones, Amber.Jones@hayscisd.net 

Athletic Secretary: Heidi Durham, Heidi.Durham@hayscisd.net



All Athletes and their Parents/Guardian must complete the RankOne forms by reading and signing electronically. Forms need to be signed digitally with a full signature.  If you have any questions, please visit the JHS Jag Athletic Training Page. The link can also be found on the school website, it can be found in either the Parent tab or Jaguar Zone tab.


Hays CISD RankOne


Sport Specific Information





Head Coach: David Farber, David.Farber@hayscisd.net

JV: Emily Klaerner, Emily.Klaerner@hayscisd.net

9th: Cathy Landers, Cathy.Landers@hayscisd.net

9th: Tasha Ridgeway, Tasha.Ridgeway@hayscisd.net 





Head Coach: Ben Kinnison, Ben.Kinnison@hayscisd.net

JV: David Tannruether, David.Tannruether@hayscisd.net 

9th: Devin Robinson, Devin.Robinson@hayscisd.net

9th: Keone Akina, Keone.Akina@hayscisd.net 






Head Coach: Mark Durham, Mark.Durham@hayscisd.net 

Assistant Coach: Roger Garza, Roger.Garza@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Javier Soliz, Javier.Soliz@hayscisd.net 

Assistant Coach: Garry Beveridge, Garry.Beveridge@hayscisd.net 





  Cross Country 

Head Coach: Ashley Laughlin, Ashley.Laughlin@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Ben Kinnison, Ben.Kinnison@hayscisd.net 

Assistant Coach: Lauren Rivera, Lauren.Rivera@hayscisd.net 







   Head Coach: Steve Hoffman, Stephen.Hoffman@hayscisd.net

Assistant Head Coach: Joey Rivera, Joey.Rivera@hayscisd.net

Offensive Coordinator: Will Compton, William.Compton@hayscisd.net

Defensive Coordinator: Kasey Pruett, Kasey.Pruett@hayscisd.net

OL Coach: Matt Moerbe, Matthew.Moerbe@hayscisd.net

OL Coach: Cory Medulla, Cory.Medulla@hayscisd.net

Running Back Coach: David Fambrough, David.Fambrough@hayscisd.net

Line Backer Coach: Mark Durham, Mark.Durham@hayscisd.net 

Line Backer Coach: Devin Robinson, Devin.Robinson@hayscisd.net 

Wide Receiver Coach: David Tannruether, David.Tannreuther@hayscisd.net 

Wide Receiver Coach: Matt Leonard, Matt.Leonard@hayscisd.net 







Head Coach: Charles Looney, Charles.looney@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: David Farber, David.Farber@hayscisd.net








Head Coach: Kasey Pruett, Kasey.Pruett@hayscisd.net

Head Coach: Matt Moerbe, Matthew.moerbe@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Corey Medulla, Corey.Medulla@hayscisd.net 








Head Coach: Michael Banning, Michael.Banning@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Tayla Wylie, Tayla.Wylie@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Lindsey Glick, Lindsey.Glick@hayscisd.net 





Head Coach: David Ramos, David.Ramos@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Nathan Studebaker, Nathan.Studebaker@hayscisd.net 





Head Coach: Katy Snell, Kathryn.Snell@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Lauren Rivera, Lauren.Rivera@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Cathy Landers, Cathy.Landers@hayscisd.net 








Head Coach: Gabriel Parsley, Gabe.Parsley@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Dawn Baker, Dawn.Baker@hayscisd.net 






Head Coach: Stuart Forman, Stuart.Foreman@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Aaron Johnson, Aaron.Johnson@hayscisd.net




  Track & Field 



Head Coach: Ashley Laughlin, Ashley.Laughlin@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Shelly Jones, Shelly.Jones@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Emily Klaerner, Emily.klaerner@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Ally Buitron, Ally.Buitron@hayscisd.net 



Head Coach: Joey Rivera, Joey.Rivera@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: Will Compton, William.Compton@hayscisd.net

Assistant Coach: David Fambrough, David.Fambrough@hayscisd.net 

Assistant Coach: Keone Akina, Keone.Akina@hayscisd.net 







Head Coach: Shelly Jones, Shelly.Jones@hayscisd.net

JV Coach: Ally Buitron, Ally.Buitron@hayscisd.net

9th Grade Coach: Lindsey Glick, Lindsey.Glick@hayscisd.net

9th Grade Coach: Tasha Ridgeway, Tasha.Ridgeway@hayscisd.net 









Head Coach: Matt Leonard, Matt.Leonard@hayscisd.net 

Assistant Coach: David Ramos, David.Ramos@hayscisd.net